The Lincolnshire Championship

The Lincolnshire Championships are contested on a League format. There is no one off Championship deciding race, it is about consistency over the course of the season.

This season (2017-18) , the Championships are decided from the best 6 of 8 qualifying races (those that do not clash with National Trophy Series).

The following categories are competed for each season;

  • U12 Boys
  • U12 Girls
  • U14 Boys
  • U14 Girl
  • U16 Boys (Including U14’s)
  • U16 Girls (Including U14’s)
  • Junior Men
  • Ladies (All women racing in the senior field from aged 16).
  • Veteran 40-49
  • Veteran 50-59
  • Veteran 60+
  • Senior Men (Aged 18 to 39)

Youth Under 16’s Championship. The winner of this league will be Under 16 Lincolnshire Cyclo Cross Champion and will receive the Fred Hurt Trophy for one year.

Senior Championship.

The winner of this league will be the Senior Lincolnshire Champion and will receive the John Orwin Trophy for one year.

Junior Championships.

The winner this league will hold the Jean Flear trophy for one year.

Points Scoring

For the every league will see the winner gain 50 points, descending by one point per position.

To qualify for the Lincolnshire Championships, competitors must either live in Lincolnshire or ride for a club/team affiliated with British Cycling registered in Lincolnshire.

Race Times

  • 10:30 - Under 16's
  • 11:15 - Under 12's
  • 12:00 - Veterans
  • 13:15 - Seniors & Juniors
  • 13:17 - Ladies

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